Hi, my name is

Arpan Patel.

I build things for the web.

I develop awesome Websites using HTML,CSS,Javascript,
Applications using Flutter & everything in between.
Contributing to OpenSource is my favourite activity!
I enjoy Public Speaking and had a few as well!
I love to pen down ocassionally Blogs as well!


01. About Me

Hello! I'm Arpan, a student pursuing Information Technology
based in Vadodara, Gujarat.

I enjoy creating & experimenting things that live on the internet.
whether it be websites, applications or anything in between.

I am an OpenSource contributor, a Mozillian, and part of some
amazing communities like Mozilla Gujarat & Flutter Vadodara.

Here are the few technologies I've been working with recently:

  • HTML & (S)CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript(ES6)
  • Dart
  • Flutter

02. Some Things I've Built

March 2020

Mozilla Gujarat Website


Developed Website for the Mozilla Gujarat Community using HTMl,CSS,BootStrap & JavaScript. Lead the project to perform at it's best and now it's powered by Gatsby!

May 2020

Healthier AI Website


Developed Healthier AI Website, an OpenSource Mentoring Project. Built with HTML,CSS,BootStrap. Have a look to fresh, awesome site! Still under construction.

October 2019

Flutter Apps


I love building Apps with Flutter and I've been building them since a while. Checkout my Github Repositry for some cool Flutter Apps!

03. Some Blogs I've Written


My First Remote Talk

3 minutes

My First Virtual talk about 'Flirting with Flutter'.



3 minutes

A blog about group of exciting people gathering & discussing about all Tech.


OpenSource Fest

5 minutes

OS Fest is a celebration of Open Source Resources and technologies.


Flutter Bootcamp

5 minutes

Have a glimpse of World's First Flutter Bootcamp!

04. What's Next?

Get In Touch

If you like to say Hello to me, my inbox
is always open. Whether you have a question
or just want to say hi, I'll try my best to get back to you!

Say Hello

You can Find me Here!